What will you gain from Build Your Balance Sheet Site?


This site will teach real world financial and entrepreneurship education for your kids – addressing your child’s financial literacy at an early age.

I will be teaching the following broad topics:

• How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and thereby position your kids for success.
• How to help your kids prepare themselves for the real world by giving them a head start through basic financial education as a life skill which will help them make informed decisions and prepare them for a secure financial future.
• This site will give you the tools to help both you as a parent and your child understand the basics of financial literacy and even teach you how to generate some income.

I picked some important statements below:

  • Money management skills have the potential to improve your child’s financial and personal outcomes – from CBA study
  • Paul Solman, economics correspondent for The PBS NewsHour, noted that a long-term study in New Zealand has shown that adult financial habits can be determined as young as age 3. Children with the least amount of self-control at that age have the most difficulty managing their money as adults.

Increase your financial vocabulary