Unshakeable – Your Guide To Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

Your Guide to Financial Freedom


I read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins and gained some helpful insights in helping me to build my Balance Sheet and pass this wisdom to my kids

The main points a I got from this book are:

  • Set a side a portion of your money and invest it so that it compounds over many years – stay in the market so that compounding can work its magic
  • Invest your money in a low cost index fund – by doing this you will add decades to your retirement income
  • The core 4 principles applied in the book are:

– Asset allocation which is the right mix of different types of investments to protect you against unexpected losses

-Asymmetric risk/Reward- the rewards should outweigh the risks

-Take advantage of tax breaks as need to look at your after tax return

– Diversification i.e – diversify across different asset classes, diversify within asset classes, diversify across markets,countries and currencies, diversify across time – i.e. add to your investments over time – keep adding every month – take advantage of dollar cost averaging

The last chapter in the book is about giving – the secret to living is being grateful