How to build a strong Balance Sheet


Some of the mistakes I have made in not building a strong balance sheet in my fifty something life so far;

  • not building my  balance sheet early in life as what you measure you can manage
  • not understanding fully the power of compounding
  • not understanding the effects of costs relating to mutual funds and financial planners as I feel my returns are being significantly reduced because of this
  • not building a budget early and monitoring this on a monthly basis
  • not implementing the things I have learnt over the years to make the management of building a strong balance sheet more automated- so using smart technology to automate the mundane tasks that this process of building a strong balance sheet may entail
  • have a structured education path for my children – something I did not get in my social life ( learnt rather in my University education)

So if you want to teach your kids  by learning from my journey through a structured education path as well as from people with  knowledge and experience in building a strong Balance Sheet – then join me on this path as I am very excited as the end product of this journey is your  well educated  children as well as getting your own financial position strong and organized.