The $1 000 Project by Cana Campbell

The $1 000 Project



I read The $1 000 Dollar Project by Cana Campbell which explains in layman terms how to set yourself up a path to enable you to  investment in the stock market. I will be teaching my kids the following major learning points from the book

  • Set yourself a goal at saving a small amount of money say $100 and build this up to a larger sum to invest in shares that pay a dividend
  • Build a passive income from your share investment and reinvest this money to buy more shares
  • Putting together a list of ways to earn income – my son has already started an online business and has almost reached $1 000 – I will now help him to invest
  • Teach the principle of trying to pay all expenses in cash and not to get into credit card debt (toxic debt)
  • Always give some of your money to a good cause – we collect gold coins and put into money boxes, so we can give to charity every 6 months – my kids have taken this one on board already

I really enjoyed reading the book as it really covers practical and helpful ways to build your wealth