Superhubs – How the Financial Elite & Their Networks Rule the World by Sandra Navidi




I read SUPERHUBS: How the Financial Elite and their Networks Rule Our World” by Sandra Navidi and found it to be a fascinating book – why do I say this – it is because the book explains how important it is to create a strong networks of influential people to help you achieve your goals in life

Sandra explains the unique networks created in the financial world and develop into super hubs – she equates this to a IT network – networks consists of nodes which are connected by pathways called links and all nodes prefer to attach to other nodes with the most connections because through the greater number of connections increases the chances of individual survival- the best connected nodes at the centre of networks are called “superhubs”- and your net worth will equate to your network

As mentioned these “superhubs” occur in the world of business –  one of the forums where these hubs operate is The World Economic Forum in which very powerful people operate their networks like George Soros,

The value of the person’s position is determined by the number and the quality of his connections.

One of the headings I thought was brilliant and captured a good summary of the message in the book was “MONEY +INFORMATION+SOCIAL CAPITAL = INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES”

(Social capital can be accumulated by helping others and building goodwill)

So what is the lesson from this book in building your balance sheet – grow a strong network of influential people by helping people – I would suggest joining up with a group or forum which has influential people – look at Linked In or meetups in your area and then by contributing to these networks you will grow and build your own network