Rich Kids by Tom Corley

I read Rich Kids by Tom Corley and got some valuable lessons from the book and the book was written in a lovely story format and I thought it was one of the best books I have read in terms of what habits one should apply to your life – even if you do just 1 or 2 habits you will go from a negative to a positive mindset

I have summarised some of the main learnings from the book below

-Spend only 80% of your income and save 20% (80:20 rule)

-Read books everyday that educate you

-3 traits of successful people are focus, persistence and patience

-Have a mentor

-Have a to do list that get you to achieve your goals – make a list of your bad habits and try and convert to good habits eg I will engage in self improvement each day

-5:1 rule – listen for 5 minutes and talk for one

-If you follow your rich habits everyday – over time then opportunity and luck builds like snowflakes on a mountainside

-Tom points out keystone habits which from the basis of success – e.g. Form good habits each day and follow these habits, engage in self improvement,each day, devote part of each day in caring for my health, form life long relationships, live each day in moderation, adopt a ” do it now ” mindset, engage in rich thinking each day

-Rich Thinking Strategies involve Daily Affirmations, Visualizations, Goal Setting, The Victory Log and Future Mirror Strategies