Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins Review

Money Master the game by Tony Robbins


I read Money Master the Game – 7 simple steps to financial freedom  which was written by Tony Robbins who is a well know mentor of many famous people

Without getting into all the detail and what I got from the book is the following which I feel is the essence of what the book is trying to convey

– invest in low cost index funds and take advantage of the compound affect, understand exactly the actual returns you are getting(not the advertised ones), do not put all your eggs into one basket which means have a good asset allocation when investing, understand your target dollar amount for retirement and try and create something that Ray Dalio (Hedge Fund Billionaire) does which he terms the “All Weather Portfolio” – this is a portfolio that is allocated so that it protects you if the market goes down and takes advantage of the upside of the market as well- so it covers inflation, deflation, economic growth and economic recession – this important guidance by Ray Dalio I am going to be investigating further

Lessons for kids 

Really understand what the important few things are that will affect you making money in the market and then follow the investment professionals who  have got a good track record over a long period ( e.g. Ray Dalio , Warren Buffett) and invest so that you are protected against losses and also take advantage of profits