Increase your financial vocabulary -but how and why?

The most important thing you need to do is to absolutely commit to learning the financial vocabulary and then persist in achieving this.

Let me explain – the very first time you learnt something new – you would have struggled e.g. as a baby learning how to walk or eventually learning to ride a bike – imagine if you decided not to commit or persist in doing these basic things in life – you would be crawling around on the floor for all your life or never able to enjoy the pleasures of riding a bike.
Just think about this for a while and then try and view the learning of your new financial vocabulary in this light.

All you need to do is to commit to say 1 hour a week and persist throughout the teaching program and I promise you – you will have an amazing head start in life by knowing more than most of your friends.

So just learn ONE FINANCE WORD  PER WEEK AND UNDERSTAND HOW TO IDENTIFY THIS WORD AND USE IT TO BUILD YOUR BALANCE SHEET (I will show you how to build a Balance Sheet later so don’t worry about this yet)

Your friends will eventually learn the financial vocabulary  but much later in life and often by making many mistakes as they do not understand the basics – this is what will give you an unfair advantage in life

In any sport – if you do not know the basics you will never do well – same with building wealth and making money

One of the richest people in the world Warren Buffet understood financial terms at a very young age – and look where it got him

I will provide a step by step process in educating you about the basics of finance

By understanding these new terms and words which once understood it will make you look at things in life from a different angle

REMEMBER THIS IS GOING TO TAKE YOU A GOOD FEW MONTHS – BUT PERSIST- (I bet that when you least expect it you will start understanding things)

So increase your financial vocabulary and good luck !




Look! my daughter's financial vocabulary is increasing

Look! my daughter’s financial vocabulary is increasing