I am an accountant who has been working in commerce for many years and have come to experience many different levels of financial literacy in managers who run their businesses. This often leads to bad financial decisions. What I have enjoyed is helping various small and medium sized businesses, to understand the financial side of their ventures.

I have often thought about my kids financial future, and who was going to guide them and how are they going to get started in this uncertain world of finance filled with scams and bad role models
It was then that I made up my mind that I would start a program directed at children to give them the basic building blocks that they would need to build their financial literacy skills.
I see kids especially starting off in an uncertain financial world and as long as they understand the basics of finance – their chances of starting businesses and being financially well off will be much improved.
I had to self-educate myself as my parents did not understand much about financial concepts. So I became a chartered accountant and now I want to pass this golden thread of financial literacy skill to others.
My journey has also not been without its failures – but it is through failure that one learns.
I want my children to be financially astute, have an entrepreneurial mindset and be self reliant.
Probably like most adults, you were not taught about money at home or in school.

So I am really just an experienced accountant  trying to give my kids and other kids the best financial education and hope that my kids will benefit from this education when they start their own business. I am not a financial planner but view myself as a financial mentor  who is there to shorten the  financial learning curve.

The major idea I would like to get across is to build a strong Balance Sheet as from this position you will be in a strong financial position. By building a strong Balance Sheet you will have built up equity in your portfolio which will allow you to live comfortably and be able to achieve your life dreams like looking after your family and giving back to the community e.g. by giving charity   

The accounting equation for the Balance Sheet is Assets = Liabilities +Equity

By growing the income producing assets on your Balance Sheet you will be enhancing you equity position and ensuring your assets will generate passive income over time which will cover your day to day expenses